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Iíve been a councillor in Avondale since 2007 and as you would expect, I fully appreciate that Strathaven and Stonehouse have different needs. Going into the 2017 Scottish local elections, Iím putting in place four top priorities if re-elected and Iím separating my two top priorities with one in each town.





Priority 1:





Social Housing

I propose to make social housing my No.1 priority in Strathaven!

Across Strathaven: far too many low-income families are living in poverty because they cannot gain access to good quality, secure social housing.

The average waiting list for a council house in Strathaven is nearly 20 years and something needs to be done but to date, Iíve been the only councillor trying to do something about it!


Iím sick of watching millions of pounds in planning gain money from all the new private housing developments across Strathaven leaving our town and directed towards social housing projects in East Kilbride & Hamilton. I understand that our neighbouring towns have housing issues too but so does Strathaven!


If re-elected, I will make it my number-one priority to change this council

l policy, that uses money raised from our community to fund social housing elsewhere, when we have an urgent need right here!




Priority 1:





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I propose to focus on a common-sense development plan for Stonehouse that will deliver the facilities people want in Stonehouse!

For ten years, Iíve been inundated with complaints that Strathaven has a sports centre and Stonehouse doesnít.Iím told the park in Strathaven has better play equipment than the park in Stonehouse. The fact is: the majority of Strathavenís public facilities such as the sports centre, the park and most




Recently: the new 3G pitch at the Strathaven rugby club have all been paid for by the Strathaven community through local clubs, groups and local fund raising.


I however understand that the Stonehouse community doesnít have the same level of clubs or community groups, never mind the money or resources to deliver all the additional (nice to have) facilities that the town wants. However, neither does South Lanarkshire council!

In my mind, the only way to deliver these additional public services in Stonehouse is by growing the town, developing new homes and business properties in a scale that will:


       Complete the bypass;

       Create local employment;

       Provide better shops;

       Deliver sports facilities fit for the 21st century and potentially even:

       Deliver a secondary school in Stonehouse for all our Stonehouse young people.


The level of development I have in mind is massive and will mean giving up a lot of land to the north of the village, potentially to the river but unless we think big: your council will continue to think small and allow the town to grow at a snailís pace, while at the same time (just like Strathaven): transferring all the planning gain money by stealth means to other towns such as Hamilton and East Kilbride.





Priority 2:





We have some of the best schools across Avondale and Iíd like to keep it that way but our council is currently diverting cash away from our schools to fund a central function that leaves our local schools struggling for even the basics!


I do not agree that that schools should be in local authority control but like me, weíre all stuck right now with a system of education that seeís money from Edinburgh paid to local authorities like SLC, who use far too much of this precious cash to provide large centrally controlled management roles, that Iíd like to see going to our schools and therefore our kids.


I will therefore work with my Conservative colleague in Edinburgh and the council to stop this injustice and ensuring our young people have the education and resources they deserve.





Priority 3:





The quality of our roads and footpaths have and will always remain one of my top priorities. In the last 10-years we have seen a massive improvement with over £10m spent on many resurfacing projects across Avondale.



I know that itís not perfect and probably never will be but every year since becoming a councillor, Iíve worked with the roads department to prioritise what spend we have: and focusing on where the improvements are most required. I canít be everywhere so I base all my observations on feedback from this fantastic community, the many constituents who constantly keep me updated and of course the community councils who work hard on your behalf.




Priority 4:







Across Avondale we are blessed with very little crime and this is down to the hard work of many across this wonderful community. Over the last ten years, Iíve worked with the councilís anti-social behaviour team, the housing team and the police to put in place proactive campaigns that have seen additional police patrolling this rural community when needed and those who wish to live a chaotic lifestyle either brought to justice or removed from our community.


Rural Crime remains a challenge and with limited police resource, Iíve done what I can to ensure Avondale gets both: overt and covert policing when required to ensure this fantastic part of rural South Lanarkshire remains a safe place to bring up our families.






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