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Proposed Non-Denominational Primary School Catchment Area Change in Stonehouse!

Since the Barrett Homes were built on the site opposite the new Stonehouse Lifestyles on Strathaven Road (A71) Stonehouse; the Stonehouse non-denominational Primary school catchment area has needed to be changed. It might seem crazy that Stonehouse Primary is the current catchment area primary school for the new Barrett development, but this is historic. Changing school catchment areas is complex and must follow strict legislative guidelines and processes so Iím delighted that after nearly two years of lobbying, South Lanarkshire Council are now beginning the long legislative process to change the primary school catchment area in Stonehouse.

The target is to have this changed by August 2020 but until the catchment area is formally adopted by the Scottish Government, placement requests will still need to be lodged by residents in the new Barrett development and again, I must warn you all: until this new catchment area is formally adopted, there are no guarantees that placement requests will be granted.

On this web-page, I plan to provide update documents, which are all published during the entire legislative process of this proposed catchment area change in Stonehouse.The process is very formal and includes a full public consultation, so I encourage all in Stonehouse to get involved.



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June 2019

South Lanarkshire published an early draft set of maps to elected members, detailing how the councilís education officers see this catchment area changing. At this stage:

1)    This is for information only;

2)    The elected members will feed-in after summer 2019 recess;

3)    This legislative process requires to be approved by the SLC Executive Committee and:

4)    Therefore, there is nothing for the public to do at this stage other than to be aware of the potential process kicking off during autumn 2019.


July 2019

Attached is the draft report being prepared for the South Lanarkshire Council Executive committee on 28th August 2019. I hope to provide the final report approx. 5 days before the committee but hopefully this provides an update on what SLC Education are thinking.

So far: CLLR Cooper, Dorman & I have said weíre happy with the report to proceed to the Executive committee as it stands today but it will be over to Stonehouse people to provide their input during the public consultation process.







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